Electrostatic Spray Painting

Electrostatic spray painting is a great option if you want the highest quality of finishes on various different types of surfaces.

Electrostatic painting involves using a magnetic field to attract paint to a surface by negatively charging the surface to be painted and positively charging the paint. There are many benefits of using this system including:

  • A superior quality finish – paint is more evenly distributed
  • Efficiency of the machine means that less paint is required to complete the job
  • The magnetic process ensures that paint covers the entire surface including corners and hard to reach places – providing complete protection and minimising rust
  • Painting is completed quickly – not as much masking is required as with conventional spray painting
  • Better for the environment – over spray is kept to a minimum due to the equipment’s efficiency and paint is efficiently wrapped around the metal surface rather than disappearing into the atmosphere

Electrostatic spray painting can be used on numerous types of surfaces, however some that make ideal candidates include:

  • Garage doors
  • Lift doors
  • Metal doors and windows
  • Metal fences and gates
  • Balustrades

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